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Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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Strawberry and Pear Shortcake

Japan is home to many an exotic fruit.... however while I was there in 2016, I was REALLY craving Pears and couldn't find any ANYWHERE!

Then... just as all hope seemed lost, this magnificent little shortcake appeared in the window of a cute little bakery in Kyoto. The heavens parted, angels sang and a halo of light surrounded it. My eyes lit up like a kid a candy store or a baker in a bakery. It was the best thing I've ever tasted! Or maybe I just wanted Pears so badly that no matter what it tasted like I would have thought it was the best thing ever... well, we're about to find out!

Here is my Strawberry and Pear Shortcake, to pay homage to that wonderful creation that saved my sanity in Kyoto.

#1 Grease the base and sides of your cake tin, then place a circle of parchment paper in the base and strips around the edges. The butter under the parchment paper will hold it in place and prevent it from slipping when you pour in your batter.

If yo…

Meet The Flock

The flock that make all these beautiful cakes possible.. well, the ones with eggs in it anyway.

Pearl - Known to most as Pearlie or Pretty Pearlie, she's the oldest member of our flock, and she’s a Platinum Sussex. EVERYBODY who meets my flock comments on how beautiful she is, she's all my friends favourite purely because she's so beautiful... on the outside at least. haha We love you Pearlie

Alice  - I've owned a few Faverolles in my time as crazy chicken lady, and they have been by FAR the friendliest breed I've raised. Seriously if you have kids, these guys a breed that's rarely mentioned on 'friendliest breed lists' but I will vouge for them here!

Gwen - Lovingly referred to by my friend Katie as Gwenith Poultry (she loves a pun). The same breed as our Pearl, Gwen is also a Sussex hen, but of the 'light' colouring. She's a gutsy girl, not much scared her that's for sure!

Priscilla - Our Houdan hen, she's a looker that’s for sure! The mass amount of feathers on her head make her almost completely blind.. but she would never forgive me if I chopped them off! This little lady frequently takes on the roll as 'Veggie Patch Supervisor' because despite being visually impaired she's the only one whose figured out that she can jump the fence.

Eglantine - Our resident Silkie rooster. He's up at the crack of dawn.. and likes to make his girls.. and us.. and the neighbours are too! He's a fluffy little ninja, last breading season he took on two young cockerels, both twice the size of him in honour of his ladies. (He was kicking ass until mum broke it up!)

Coraline - Our white Silkie hen, named after the girl in the movie.. the one directed by Henry Selick, came to us from our good friends at Haddon Hatchlings, in true Silkie fashion, she's a kind soul, and a great mother! She hatched 8 babies from 10 eggs last season! What a machine!

Fleur - I'm a sucker for a red head. Our beautiful Fleur is our Buff Silkie hen, she likes to keep to herself, she's an independent little lady, but recently she's been attached to our Eglantine at the hip! they make such an adorable couple.

Wendy - Like I said, a sucker for a red head! Wendy is my Buff Orpington hen, I have ALWAYS wanted an Orpington because their giant fluffy butts remind me of the old Victorian era dresses (like the ones the ugly step sisters wear in Cinderella)

Poppy - My little Poppy Seed or 'Pop Pop' is an absolute darling! She lays the tiniest eggs I've ever seen, they're adorable, and when she was a just a little seed she was so attached to me that whenever I tried to introduce her to her new flock she would run back to the house and sit at the back door crying.

and last but most definitely not least!

Daisy - My Daisy Duke is my rescue hen, and she's the gutsiest girl in the flock. We have resident Magpies that like to swoop my girls every once in a while, as most chickens would.. mine all run for cover until they leave. That was until Daisy arrived, the Magpies swoop Daisy and she launches into the air with her claws up above her head like a bird of prey to meet them! Way to go girl!