Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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Meet The Flock

Welcome to our little slice of the internet, here you'll find fruity recipes that'll make your soul swoon, cute chickens, reviews on my favourite local dessert spots, probably some random gardening tips, and the occasional travel blog, yes I even travel in the name of dessert!! Oh and more cute chickens...

My baking style isn't that of which you'd see frequenting fancy magazines, my photography isn't staged with fancy backdrops, and my end products aren't perfectly frosted with sharp edges or fancy piping techniques, but boy do they taste good!

My baking journey, unlike many others, began out of pure necessity. My garden was producing too much produce, and my hens were laying eggs in excess! The only logical solution was to start baking, and my oh my did it swiftly sweep me off my feet! Using my garden as inspiration, be it just a touch of chilli in my choc lava cakes, pomegranate juice in my whipped cream, or tarts chock full of fresh fruit, year-round I bring fresh, seasonal desserts to the table, with each and everyone proudly reflecting its humble backyard veggie patch origins. My baking style? Homely, warm, comforting and no frills attached, oozing natural beauty, rustic charm and a whole lot of flavour!

If at first you don't succeed, feed it to the chooks and try again.
~ Dayna Hoskin

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Name: Pearl - Pearlie - Pretty Pearl - Queen Bitch 
Breed: Platinum Sussex

Pearlie is the oldest member of the flock and EVERYBODY who ventures into our backyard comments on how beautiful she is... until they get to know her that is. We don't call her Queen Bitch for nothing!

Name: Alice 
Breed: Blue Faverolle

In true Faverolle fashion, she's the sweetest chook in the yard, she's always the first to befriend newcomers to the flock, and her 'muff and beard' are pretty impressive too! 

Name: Gwen - Gwenith - Gwentih Poultry 
Breed: Light Sussex

Gwenith can often be seen sparring with her rooster Eglantine, poor bugger didn't know what he was getting into with this not so little lady! 

Name: Priscilla - Pris - Pris Pris - Prissy
Breed: Speckled Houdan 

The mass amount of feathers on her head hang down over her eyes and essentially blind her, but she would never forgive me if I chopped them off! but despite being visually impaired she's the only one who's figured out that she can jump the fence into the veggie patch to get her helping of tomatoes.

Name: Eglantine - Egg - Eggy 
Breed: Blue Splash Silky 

Our resident Rooster, we don't cuddle often because being caught in front of his ladies really hurts his pride, but once the gigs up and I've got hold of him he gives the best cuddles! 

Name: Coraline -Cora Cora 
Breed: White Silky 

Named after the girl from the movie.. the one directed by Henry Selick... where the girl has button eyes... you know the one? She's can often be heard from afar screeching at the top of her lungs for no reason while she runs across the backyard... strange. 

Name: Fleur 
Breed: Buff Silky 

I'm a sucker for a red head. Our beautiful Fleur is one independent little lady, but recently she's been attached to our Eglantine at the hip! I think they make such an adorable couple!

Name: Wendy - Big Butt
Breed: Buff Orpington 

Like I said, a sucker for a red head! I always wanted a Big Butt as part of my flock, purely because their giant fluffy butts reminded me of the old Victorian-era dresses, you know like the ones the ugly stepsisters wear in Cinderella?

Name: Poppy - Pop Pop -  Poppy Seed 
Breed: Black Silkie

When she was a just a little seed she 'had' to live inside for 6 months because she was so attached to me that whenever I tried to introduce her to her new flock she would run back to the house and sit at the back window screaming.

Name: Daisy - Daisy Duke - Miss Duke - (My husband made me stop calling her 'Dukie')
Breed: Isa Brown X

Daisy is my rescue hen, she's a badass. When our resident Magpies swoop, instead of running and hiding like all the other hens, Daisy launches into the air to take them on.

Name: Aisla - Aisla Bear - Beary - Baby Bear
Breed: Tri-Colour Border Collie

She doesn't have any sheep, but she loves her chickens. Should she even think she sees a cat, a dog, any non-chicken bird, a person, a car, hears thunder, or even rain... or strong wind, she's straight into the backyard defending her chooks.

Name: Lenny - Len - Bam - Lamby - Lamb Bam
Breed: Greyhound

A rescue from the racing industry, little Lamb broke his leg in a trial run before his first race. Now he's perfectly content sleeping.... all day.


Name: George - Gig - Gigi - Monster
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
We found this 'monster' in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Ballarat when he was only just a week old, He's the most entertaining cat I've ever met, complete mental case, but we love him anyway.

Name: Azula - Bean - Zu - Za - Baby Bean - Beany Baby
Breed: Tortishell Domestic Shorthair

Adopted her because I liked her sass, turned out to be too much sass... but when she's in a good mood, she's the sweetest little soul, so we forgive the bitchy outbursts.