Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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About Me

Dayna Hoskin - Hoskins Hens

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, here you'll find fruity recipes that'll make your soul swoon, cute chickens, reviews on my favourite local dessert spots, probably some random gardening tips, and the occasional travel blog, yes I even travel in the name of dessert!! Oh and more cute chickens...

My baking style isn't that of which you'd see frequenting fancy magazines, my photography isn't staged with fancy backdrops, and my end products aren't perfectly frosted with sharp edges or fancy piping techniques, but boy do they taste good!

My baking journey, unlike many others, began out of pure necessity. My garden was producing too much produce, and my hens were laying eggs in excess! The only logical solution was to start baking, and my oh my did it swiftly sweep me off my feet! Using my garden as inspiration, be it just a touch of chilli in my choc lava cakes, pomegranate juice in my whipped cream, or tarts chock full of fresh fruit, year-round I bring fresh, seasonal desserts to the table, with each and everyone proudly reflecting its humble backyard veggie patch origins. My baking style? Homely, warm, comforting and no frills attached, oozing natural beauty, rustic charm and a whole lot of flavour!

If at first you don't succeed, feed it to the chooks and try again.
~ Dayna Hoskin