Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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About Me

Dayna Hoskin - Hoskins Hens

Where do I even start telling you about myself...
I'm 22 years old, I'm incredibly lucky to have already found and married to the love of my life, and I spend my days raising our little family of 11 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and one snake named Cuddles, running an online business I've dubbed The Crystal Cove, and finding little snippets of time to bake, garden and travel the world in between.

The Beginning of Hoskins Hens
I've ALWAYS been a blogger,  my mum had a blog called 'The Clark Chronicles' where she chronicled our daily lives for her subscribers who were mostly family members and close friends that were spread across the county, we didn't see them often, if ever! So it kept us all connected, and I always got so excited when I saw my photo on the internet! You must remember, this was way before social media was a big thing, and every cool kid in school was using MSN messenger not Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

For many years in my adult life I considered taking up the hobby again, but for a very long time I felt like my life wasn't interesting enough to blog about. All the bloggers I see online these days are so glamorous, they are always travelling to far-away places and dinning in expensive restaurants. Me.... most days I don't even get out of my pyjamas!! (one of the many benefits of working from home).

So when I finally decided to just go for it, I did so with the intention of creating something real, something that everybody could relate to. I wanted to create a space on the internet that made others feel good about themselves and the 'normal' lives they're living! Because you don't need all that glitz and glam to be happy…. just a few chickens and some flour 😉

My baking style isn't that of which you'd see frequenting magazines, my photography isn't staged with fancy backdrops and strategic product placement, my end products aren't perfectly frosted with sharp edges or fancy piping techniques. I love to bake with fresh produce, be it just a touch of fresh chilli in my choc lava cakes, or my favourite fruit filled tarts (pretty much anything you find here without fruit in it was baked for my hubby who despises fruit of all kinds!). I figure, what's the use of baking a cake chock full of beautiful fruits and nuts and colourful spices, and then hiding it all underneath a layer of frosting? That just doesn't make sense to me!

I saw a quote by Marina De Giovanni today, 'Imperfection is the new perfection.'
It's how I like to bake... it's how I like to live, no frills attached, surrounded by natural beauty, rustic charm and whole lot of flavour!

Dayna Hoskin