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Easter is done and dusted

You know Easter is well and truly over when the last of the hot cross buns go stale. But the real reason that I wanted to write this seemingly random easter post, was to share with you quite possibly the best chocolate discovery since my first Lindt bunny.

A large portion of my family eats dairy free, and I'll be honest, when I first saw that all my easter eggs were Organic Moo Free Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate, I was sceptical, but honestly... I'd take this chocolate over any of the mainstream brands any day! I'm by no means anti-sugar, but I find most chocolate super sweet, so I usually limit myself to dark chocolates, but this Moo Free chocolate, was BEAUTIFUL! It was the first time in a long time that I was able to eat milk chocolate without getting those painful bumps in the back of my throat that I always seem to get when I have super sweet things, mainly thick shakes and chocolate... by the way, doesn't anyone know what they are? or am I the only one who gets that?.. because it wouldn't surprise me if I was just weird, and Google hasn't been helpful!

Anyway, back to Moo Free's chocolate... it's good, so check it out.
This isn't sponsored, I was just really impressed and had to share.