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Mothers Day Came Early

My little sister has a horse event on Mother's Day, so we improvised and moved Mother’s Day forward a week.... that's allowed right?

Soo.... Now that my Mother’s Day Bake has been presented to my mother, I can reveal what emerged from a mess of sugar, flour and fruit that can only be described as monumental!

Because my mum is strictly Gluten Free these days, I didn't have the time to trial and error new Gluten Free recipes, soo.... a huge thanks to 

The Washington Post for this killer Gluten Free Orange and Poppyseed Recipe 

ADJUSTMENTS: I added the juice of half an orange and baked in a 20cm springform cake tin at 160 degrees Celsius and just kept an eye on it until it was done.

The Kiwi Cook, for these amazing Gluten Free Passionfruit Melting Moments 

Chelsea Sugar for these Gluten Free Chewy Almond Lemon Crackle Biscuits (they're my new favourite!)
ADJUSTMENTS: I substituted the Orange rind for Lemon rind.

and I simply swapped out the regular flour for gluten free flour in my own Pistachio Nut Blondie Recipe. 

And there you have it, an orange and poppy seed cake with orange flavoured icing, decorated with pistachio blondie crumble, passion fruit melting moments and lemon crackle cookies. #overindulgent


  1. It is all scrumptious - always love Orange and Poppyseed Cake, but I have to say those Chewy Almond Lemon Crackle Biscuits are my new favourite too xxx


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