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12th Annual Clune's Booktown Festival

4 years I have lived in Ballarat, and I had somehow never heard of the Clune's Booktown festival! (Many of you may know the tiny town of Clunes for its appearances in Mel Gibson’s Mad Max and Heath Ledger’s Ned Kelly, it’s a beautiful Gold Rush era town). On this day every year, shuttle buses and trains run from cities and towns all over Victoria to get people from across the state to our neighbouring town of Clunes for an event that I, living only 10 minutes away from it, had no clue existed. 

My mum and little sister love to read, I used to be a book worm, but I find I get too invested in my book and sacrifice almost anything just to get just a little further in the story. I remember during my year 10 exams I raced through a history exam and left half of the questions unanswered because we were allowed to read a book while we waited for the 2-hour exam time to end... and I just wanted so badly to see what would happen next in Hilary Duffs 'Elixir'. That’s when I decided I should only be allowed books when I have very literally NOTHING else of any importance that needs to be done, for example when I'm stuck somewhere for an extended period of time (long enough to promptly finish said book) ie. on a cruise ship.... or a plane.... annnd that's about it. So, because of my limited opportunities to safely read without sabotaging my entire life... I just don't read much anymore!

After I restrained myself from buying Botanicum by Kathy Willis, which is still haunting me (I should have bought it!), and Underwater Puppies (because they were all so adorable), I bought home 1080 recipes by Simone and InĂ©s Ortega, a compilation of 1080 Spanish recipes stripped of their fancy names and translated to English. I LOVE Spanish food, and the recipes are just so simple!! Plus I bought home 3 new native shrubs for my native garden.... I know, I know.... why did I come home from Booktown with plants?? Because they were $3.00 each that’s why!!! 


  1. I soooo didn't just read that right did I - I mean the part about your exams????? MUM (sprung bad!!)


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