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My Ultimate Comfort Bake - Chilli Chocolate Lava Cake!

So today I'm surfing a little bit of a low.... the kind of low that calls for a decadent dessert, and whats more decadent than a Chocolate Lava Cake.... A CHILLI CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE!!. This deliciously warm and uber chocolatey dessert is the very definition of comforting, and the hint of chilli adds a new complexity to the simple richness of the chocolate.
There's a good reason why chilli chocolate has become a trend!

I've had a love affair with chocolate lava cake for as long as I can remember, if ever I saw it on a menu, it was what I was getting, no questions asked. Burkes on Main in Bacchus Marsh (which is now sadly closed) had one of the most beautiful and deliciously rich and saucy chocolate lava cakes I've ever had the pleasure of ingesting, and it was soo big, that even with my sweet tooth I had to split it with my little sister to avoid erupting chocolate lava... sorry for that visual!

Then I hopped on-board a Carnival Cruise ship for a cruise with my now hubby around the Pacific Island, you can imagine my excitement when I saw chocolate lava cake on the menu... and then how that excitement tripled when I discovered that it would be on offer every night, for the whole week were were at sea! My servers didn't even have to ask me what I was having for dessert each night, they just bought out the piping hot ramekin filled with chocolatey goodness for me, along with the dessert menu for my husband.

"Ahhh, those were the days"

Then fast forward to just last year, hubby and I are on a date in Melbourne, and we wander into Chokolait, a marvellous little chocolate cafe nestled away in the Emporium in Burkes Street Mall. (Seriously, if you're even in Melbourne, check them out! Everything they serve is decadent and just perfect... it's the only word for it.)  I ordered myself a fruit platter with a dark chocolate fondue, and hubby ordered a white iced chocolate (the first of many to come), and accompanying his drink, like in many cafes, sat a complimentary piece of chocolate. We split it... at first it tasted like regular chocolate, and then as the taste of the chocolate starts to fade away, you get the chilli! It was magnificent! I just knew I had to incorporate that same warm and long lasting sensation into my beloved chocolate lava cakes!

#1 Because these lava cakes are only JUST cooked, preparing the pans correctly so that they don't stick is an important step in this bake! You'll want to grease the base and sides of your cupcake tins, then place a circle of parchment paper in the base. The butter under the parchment paper will hold it in place and prevent it from slipping when you pour in your batter. Then you'll want to grease over the top of your baking paper and sift a thin, even layer of cocoa powder onto it.  

#2 To ensure that your eggs are mixed through your batter evenly, whisk them lightly with a fork before adding them to the batter! This way, you won't end up with streaks of egg white through your batter and avoid eggy chunks in your finished product.

#3 A double boiler is a setup where you set your mixing bowl atop a saucepan of boiling water to allow the steam to gently heat up and melt your ingredients together. For this reason, a glass or metal mixing bowl is required, a silicone or plastic mixing bowl just wont allow for the heat transfer required for a double boiler to work.

#4 The 10 minute cooling period once the cakes are out of the oven is important, so don't get impatient. If you attempt to tip the lava cakes out of their moulds straight away, their core at this point is pure liquid, and this liquid centre will break through the thin crust on your cake and spill out as you tip the cupcake tin. These 10 minutes allow the centre to thicken slightly and so allow you to avoid this catastrophe. 

#5 As we mentioned above, the centre of your lava cake is still liquidised, and the baked casing around it is only thin, so once your lava cakes have been tipped out of their cupacake tin, you're going to want something flat and solid (like those spatulas that you use for pancakes) to move them, so that the entire base is supported. Should there be any part of the base unsupported when moving one of these lava cakes, the guts will quite simply fall out of it.

#6 Leave these babies out of the oven too far past the recommended 10 minutes and the gooey centre will thicken. They're still delicious, the centre turns quite fudge like! But they're no longer lava filled. For this reason also, they don't re-heat well, so baking ahead of time isn't recommended. 

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prep time: 25 minscook time: 14 minstotal time: 39 mins
So today I'm surfing a little bit of a low, the kind of low that calls for a decadent dessert.... Cue, my Chilli Chocolate Lava Cake!


180g dark cooking chocolate 
180g  unsalted butter 
4 eggs 
3/4 cup white granulated sugar
1/2 cup plain flour 
1 birdseye chilli (de-seeded)


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius 

Prepare 12 cupcake tins. Set aside. 

Place a saucepan of water onto medium heat and rest your double boiler bowl atop it. 

While your water heats up, chop your chilli as finely as you can.

Add chocolate, butter, and chili to your mixing bowl, stir until everything is melted and smooth. 

Remove your mixing bowl from the heat, sift in your flour and sugar and add your eggs. Leave your eggs until last as this will give your mixture time to cool and you won't partially cook your eggs by dropping them into the hot mixture. 

Divide your batter between your cupcake tins, and place in the oven to bake for 14 minutes. 

Allow you lava cakes to cool for 10 minutes, run a knife around the edge of each one, and gently tip them out onto a flat surface. 


cupcake tins 
double boiler bowl
sharp knife 
parchment or baking paper 
fat (grams)
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