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The Hidden Orchard - My First Harvest

Apple Harvest The Hidden Orchard
Ellen Burns and Sandra Hawkins The Hidden Orchard
My first harvest with 
The Hidden Orchard
What a great group of people to spend an afternoon with. We picked roughly 65kgs of these 'mystery apples' from just one tree, and they're bound for the Food Is Free Laneway Ballarat as we speak.
The Hidden Orchard Volunteers harvest fruit from trees in local backyards or public areas that would have otherwise gone to waste and redistribute it within the community through channels such as The Food is Free Laneway, Second Bite, The Salvation Army, The Soup Bus and Community Cooking Programs at the Ballarat Community Health Center and Wendouree Neighbourhood House.

PS: If you have a recipe one could use some mystery apples in, let me know in the comment section below... because I don't know what to do with all of mine!!