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Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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Strawberry and Pear Shortcake

Japan is home to many an exotic fruit.... however while I was there in 2016, I was REALLY craving Pears and couldn't find any ANYWHERE!

Then... just as all hope seemed lost, this magnificent little shortcake appeared in the window of a cute little bakery in Kyoto. The heavens parted, angels sang and a halo of light surrounded it. My eyes lit up like a kid a candy store or a baker in a bakery. It was the best thing I've ever tasted! Or maybe I just wanted Pears so badly that no matter what it tasted like I would have thought it was the best thing ever... well, we're about to find out!

Here is my Strawberry and Pear Shortcake, to pay homage to that wonderful creation that saved my sanity in Kyoto.

#1 Grease the base and sides of your cake tin, then place a circle of parchment paper in the base and strips around the edges. The butter under the parchment paper will hold it in place and prevent it from slipping when you pour in your batter.

If yo…

The Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

When the photos speak for themselves. The Ballarat Begonia Festival, regional Victoria's largest flower festival.

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ballarat Begonia Festival 2018

Ok so maybe I should talk for them just a little bit. My husband and I were at Ballarat Royal Botanical Gardens just last month, and it was be-a-utiful! but it was nothing compared to what I walked into today. 

🎵tip toe, through the tulips🎵.. ok so wrong kind of flower.. but that song pretty much wraps up the feeling of joyful bliss that being surrounded by these beautiful flowers instils. 

🎵tip toe, through the begonias🎵.. yeah, doesn't have the same sort of ring does it? 

With heaps of vendors setting up shop in the gardens for the long weekend, there's much more to do and see than just the Begonia display. From gardening tools, garden ornaments, fresh produce, florist stands and nursery stalls lining the walkways through the gardens (If you come to find yourself at the 'Bush Food Shop' their Iced Strawberry Gum is to die for). Be prepared for a bit of a stroll to get there, as there were cars lining the road for a solid kilometre past the gardens entrance, but that's a small price to pay to get into such an amazing (and did I mention FREE) event. 

So if you have a spare couple of hours sometime this long weekend, pop in to check it out. 
Bring a picnic rug, some friends and just soak in the great atmosphere.

🎵tip toe, through the begonias🎵.. yep still doesn't work.