Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
~Best Recipes


Tonight I finished work at 5:30, drove the half an hour home, started on my second 'Strawberry White Choc and Matcha Panna Cotta' (The first attempt using yoghurt turned into more of a mouse than a Panna Cotta, and I was itching to give it another go) then 15 minutes before it was time to leave, I walk into the bedroom, check my face which was applied at 6:00 that morning.. put on a pair of ripped jeans, a white shirt a necklace…. let my hair down, it looks horrible because it's been up in a bun all day…. back up it goes! and we walk out the door to get to our friend Nicks 7:00 surprise 30th birthday party 15 minutes early.... because we'd already been told by his fiancĂ© Sarah that if we're late she will kill us. 

We arrived at the restaurant earlier than the early we were intending to be, and instead of walking into the reserved table we were expecting…. we were directed up into a decked-out function room, filled with purple (Nicks favourite colour) 3 tiered cakes, giant '30' balloons, fairy lights, a DJ!
Me to husband: WOW! She really went all out for a 30th!

30 minutes later, we get yelled at by Sarahs’ mum to shut up because Nick is on his way, he walks up the stairs.... we yell surprise, and he starts shaking (we were hoping he'd had a few before coming up.... because he's quite shy and not too fond of being the centre of attention)

Husband to Nick: "Were you surprised?"
Nick to husband: "Yeah man, I had no idea!"
Me to Nick: "I can't believe Sarah managed to keep this all a secret! She did so well."

We all mingle awkwardly for a little while, and then our attention was pulled up to the front of the room for speeches.

Nick to the room (clearly uncomfortable which was to be expected): "Ahh yeah, thank you all for coming, where the hell is Sarah.... SARAH!!!

We all thought he was just calling her to make the speech.. because that’s how things usually work with these two when it comes to public speaking. We all turned around to look for her, and there she was, in a WEDDING DRESS!

My palms hit my cheeks, I screamed "WHAT!!" two or three times.. I turned to my friend Katie who was laughing at me because she was in on it,  my lip starts quivering, and I start balling.

Me to Katie: Oh my god! I wasn't mentally prepared for this…. Oh no!! I wore ripped jeans to my best friend’s wedding!!! I can't believe I didn't wear a dress!
Husband to Room: "Oh my god! Does Nick know!" *room laughs*
Husband to Me when he realizes I've turned into a blubbering mess: "Jeezus Dayna, you didn't even cry at OUR wedding!" (woops)

I proceeded to cry through the entire ceremony, and practically barged into the certificate signing because I just needed to hug her! She looked so beautiful!

What a perfect night, Congratulation Sarah and Nick, you did it in the most 'you' way possible and I am so incredibly happy for you both!!

I’m still in disbelief! I CAN'T BELIVEE YOU'RE MARRIED!!!