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SIGN NOW! To ban the battery cage forever.

battery hens
Photo courtesy of  Jo-Anne McArthur's/We Animals

Most eggs in Australia are still produced by hens confined in battery cages. Some 11 million Australian hens are suffering in these cages today.

All available animal welfare science confirms that a hen's behavioural needs cannot be met in a battery cage. These natural desires include dust-bathing, perching, foraging, stretching their wings and laying their eggs in a nest in private. The barren battery cage has already been banned in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and some states of the U.S., on the basis of unacceptable cruelty.For the first time in a long time the laws in Australia regarding battery hens are up for review, now is the time to push change. 156,106 people have already put their name towards this great cause, please take just a moment of time and follow the link below to add yours as well! Together, we could ban the battery cage forever!

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