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Hidden Orchard Plum Harvest

This mornings Hidden Orchard Plum Harvest - What a haul! 
The lovely lady who owned this property was heading out for a yoga class as we arrived, and kindly left us to our own devices in her beautiful enclosed orchard.

Between us four and a half volunteers (the half being Kris's 2 year old daughter) that were able to make it to this mornings pick at short notice, we stripped three heavily laden trees of the mystery variety.. I love a good mystery variety, these ones are absolutely divine, AND THAT COLOUR
!! 😍 
It's no wonder the chooks were all over them, it'll almost be a shame to bake them (the plums.. not the chooks). I'm thinking they might be sugar plums... what do you think?

The fruits of todays labour (see what I did there?) are bound for the Food Is Free Laneway Ballarat as we speak and there's plenty to go around! So stop in a grab a plum or two.. or three, or four.. or a bucket full, and you can try them out in our Plum and Pear Tart recipe.. which will be coming soon 😛

The Hidden Orchard Volunteers harvest fruit from trees in local backyards or public areas that would have otherwise gone to waste and redistribute it within the community through channels such as The Food is Free Laneway, Second Bite, The Salvation Army, The Soup Bus and Community Cooking Programs at the Ballarat Community Health Center and Wendouree Neighbourhood House.