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Whaat? A Saddle for a Chicken?

slice wearing her saddle
Not all Chicken Accessories are without purpose.. well a purpose other than looking cute.

Because Alice is both of our Rooters' favourite lady (if you catch my drift) she has a bald patch on her lower back due to accidental feather pulling that was getting scratched up by the boys and really wasn't showing any signs of growing back. So today we bought our sweet girl a saddle, in an attempt to protect her back from scratches and further feather pulling. So far so good! Hopefully this denim fashion statement will allow her feathers to grow back. *fingers crossed*

"Oh Alice, I love your saddle, where'd you get it?"
"I got it from The Chicken Domain!"

Small Saddles.. for bantam babies.
Medium Saddles.. for the average chook. Also available in Leather for the baddest hens in town.
Large Saddles.. for the plus sized ladies