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Gardening with Chickens Tip #2

Daisy Duke in the garden
Gardening with Chickens tip numero 2.. Protect your roots!

Chickens have a tendency to dig exactly where you don't want them to, and if you pile mulch up ANYWHERE then it's just all the more tempting for your flock to tear into it.
I've heard many a theory on this subject, from spreading coffee beans, spices or citrus peels around the area to deter digging, to growing a barrier of strong smelling herbs like mint (in all these methods the strong smells are supposed to do the repelling… but mine either love them or just aren't fazed by any of these) or you could build a big ugly fence around everything to keep them out.

The best solution I've found isn't too complicated, and it doesn't rely on your chickens disliking smells that they're 'supposed' to dislike. Just set something with a little bit of weight around your young plants to deter your chookens from ripping into its’ developing root system, and you're good to go.

What's that? Your horde of mini dinosaurs have already uprooted your newest addition to the garden? Have no fear, just cover its’ roots back up, and water it back in with a liquid seaweed fertilizer to help it recover from the shock and give it the best chance of making a comeback.