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Little Chooken Broke His Toe

Yesterday I noticed one of little cockerels limping in the backyard, I lured him in with Christmas leftovers (works every time) and quickly noticed that the big toe on his right foot was bending/twisting abnormally when he put pressure on it, yep it's broken.

Luckily the bone hasn't protruded from the skin, and it hasn't yet started to set crooked, so splinting the toe should work a treat! Hubby and I readied the Elastoplast Tape and a matchstick to splint his itty bitty toe.. but the break is so high up that the webbing between his toes prevented the matchstick from supporting the break, so we improvised!

We cut a fan shape out of a plastic ice cream container lid, and secured each toe to it using Elastoplast Tape. He's walking around like a champ, and his toe is being kept stable so it can heal! I honestly didn't expect such a simple idea to work so well!

We'll keep you updated on his progress!