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Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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Don't Let your Chooks Cook!

No, I don't mean don't let them make you dinner.. If they offer to whip you up a Spag Bol, who are you to refuse?? 
Summer can be a hard time for chickens, especially if you have any rescue hens in your flock, those ladies do not cope well with the heat! I'm sad to admit that in my early chicken keeping days I lost a couple of lives to heat stroke (on Christmas Day too) *wipes away a stray tear* SOO!! Since that fateful Christmas Day I have upped the ante on my heat stroke fighting tricks, and here are my top 6 ways to 'not let your chooks cook'

Tip Number 1: I am mentioning it here because it's ALWAYS recommended to me. Sprinklers!! This one if very situational.. for example none of my birds enjoy the water at all, so sprinklers would just be a waste of water. It doesn’t solve the problem in the Hoskins Hens flock, but that's not to say your chook aren't water babies!

Tip Number 2: Buy a deep water bowl! The water bowl my hennies have is actually intended…

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