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Glazed Tofu Doughnuts

Inspired by a recipe made by Jun Yoshizuki from Juns' Kitchen.
I came across this video of Juns' just in time to make Tofu Doughnuts for our vegetables in desserts feature, and yes I know that technically Tofu isn't a vegetable, but it's made from soybeans, and a legume is close enough ok! Plus, they're freaking delicious! You can thank me later.

#1 For this recipe I used Greens brand Buttermilk Pancake Shaker Mix. I trialled this using different pancake mixes and they just didn't lend the doughnuts enough flavour and were quite bland and cakey. I also trialled rice flour as suggested by Jun in the original recipe, however, I found it created a chalky texture of which I wasn't a huge fan of. 

That's it, seriously, for a doughnut recipe it's super simple, and a lot of fun!

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