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Dayna Hoskin really knows how to bake up a storm.
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Sex on the Beach Peach Trifle

Who would have thought that a trifle bowl would be so hard to find! I've been to five shops of whose website stated that they had trifle bowls... yet the didn't, and many others that I was certain would have them, I was wrong. Luckily good old Spotlight came through with the goods just I was getting ready to give up and serve my trifle in a saucepan. Crisis averted!

This recipe was one hell of a feat, I'm not going to lie. It's not hard, it just takes a decent chunk of time to bring all the elements together. Of course, that's because every element is homemade, but you can take some shortcuts if you're working a tight schedule (see point 1 in my top tips for mastering this bake down below). However, if you do decide to dedicate yourself to this recipe and build this baby from the ground up, the reward will be the best-tasting trifle you've ever had. No word of a lie, my immediate family have almost 150 years of eating experience between us, and everyone said…

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